19 Dec 2017

Top five recruitment technologies to watch in 2018!

As an independent advisory to the Recruitment Industry in the Asia Pacific region, Rec Tech Solutions are in the fortunate position to review the new and emerging technology in the Recruitment Tech space. Software companies approach us regularly to discuss ideas, obtain anecdotal opinions, their value proposition and to discuss their potential positioning in the market. There is not a week that goes by where we are not looking at some really clever software that could potentially be powering the Recruitment Industry into 2018 and beyond.

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Here is our top 5 list of recruitment technologies that we predict will make an impact on your recruitment and staffing business' and consultants lives in 2018.

Smart AI

The latest trend of AI morphing into chat bots is extremely interesting. Artificial Intelligence has produced a paradigm shift in the way businesses operate across the globe. You can meet changing expectations of your users and audiences with the perfect mix of technological expertise and a disruption-ready approach. Melbourne based software technology company Smartsourcing have developed recruitment industry aligned robotics that will revolutionise your business through the use of artificial intelligence tech.

Unleash the optimum potential of conversational systems to create memorable user-experiences for your candidates whilst removing onerous tasks for your teams. Experience the provision of measurable efficiencies month on month, as your new “White Labelled” robotic friend can support your candidates and back office engine room! Report Bot, HR BOT or any BOT you like can be seamlessly connected to your business systems to optimise your business.

Temp Buddy

Temp buddy has been described as the new Uber for the recruitment industry. Created in Ireland and recently receiving a significant investment from Private equity firm; Temp Buddy is hitting the shores of many APAC countries in early 2018. It really has an “Uber” vibe, whereby employees are engaged through the on-boarding process all the way through the lifecycle to payment. TempBuddy is a cloud-based recruiting, scheduling, time clock, and billing platform that supports short-shift or roster based contingent staffing companies and organisations of that nature. Its client base tends to sit in the hospitality, education and health care sectors.

It’s already a multiple HR and Recruitment Tech award winner across Europe and the United States and is in our top 5 ones to watch in 2018.


Talentology is an innovative new applicant screening assessment and ranking solution that will immediately focus your resources on the top candidates for your role, dramatically improving efficiency, quality and retention of placements. As a cloud based SaaS (Software as a Service), Talentology has evolved from decades of science based research, development and refinement, in-fact it’s well regarded in academic circles. Boasting qualified accuracies of up to 96%; Talentology uses proven occupational psychometric and culture evaluations, combined with a versatile job criteria screening utility, to assess each job applicant, ranking them in order of suitability. It is designed to complement (not disrupt) your existing systems and workflows, understanding the character, human behaviour and personality traits of every applicant at a glance allows recruitment consultants to make extremely informed decisions on candidate selection.


There are some powerful forces at play that are ramping up the pressure and changing the game for recruiters and employers. These include political change, talent shortages, diversity and inclusion agendas which for many corporates are at the forefront of their positioning to be socially responsible. Statistics and trends show globally that for our economies to grow, we need to engage with potential candidates that have English as their 2nd or perhaps 3rd language, this being due to unprecedented talent shortages. However, current recruitment practices could be a disadvantage to these applicants being successful.

Until now there has not been a tool that assists recruiters in assessing a candidates' English fluency. Fluent IQ is here to assist! The Kiwi tech company is a “rising star”  that has developed an excellent candidate screening tool that delivers not only measurable benchmarking results, but will assist your business in identifying talent that is possibly passed over due to unconscious bias. Sourcing and screening talent are some of the most time-consuming activities recruiters take part in on a daily basis. Fluent IQ’s employability test will change the world for recruiters in this space.



Want data-driven decisions to be the core of your business in 2018? The old days of trawling job boards and discerning what roles are worth chasing are over!

Innovantage is a UK based software house, providing technology solutions to the recruitment sector. Their Insight tool allows recruiters to browse more than 30 million job adverts worldwide each month. Their Insight product is a search platform, compiling data from over 500 job boards and 200,000 company websites. Your searches can be refined to remove other agency adverts and match roles that suit your candidates using their unique roadmap of job titles and incredibly smart algorithms. Your placement results will undoubtedly be improved as Innovantage’s product suite will help you place more people, more efficiently. The application is amazing - with the use of its algorithms, artificial intelligence and data taxonomy this is a really smart piece of tech.


Why Rec Tech Solutions can help your business in 2018

The answer is simple, the Rec Tech Solutions team are committed to helping our recruitment and staffing businesses become more sustainable through technological enablement.

With a strong understanding of labour markets, and in-depth knowledge of strategic recruitment methodologies and industry trends, and powered by the “Industry and Global first” Skop.es platform, Rec Tech Solutions supports Recruitment Agencies through robust requirements gathering analysis and in-depth consultation to help you make the best most informed decisions around operational software for your front and middle office requirements.

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Col Levander
About the Author

Col Levander FRCSA – Founder & CEO With over 25 years’ experience in the recruitment and on-hire industry and in technology, Col is the industry professional recruitment organisations trust to find, the right solutions for their needs. Col has proven track record of reviewing, managing and implementing end-to-end resourcing for large industry projects and he has real world experience you can trust. Designing multiple enterprise software solutions for medium and large corporate recruitment businesses over the past 5 years, he’s focused on finding the right solutions for your business. Committed to reviewing new and emerging technology and an innovator himself, Col and his team are absolutely committed to their clients’ success.

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