12 Jan 2018

Implementation issues derailing recruitment tech ROI

Stella Gray - Shortlist

Exciting advances in recruitment technology are proving to be a double-edged sword, an industry advisor says in pointing out the biggest implementation issues and risks.

Most talent acquisition teams don't have project managers ready to handle a new software implementation, nor staff with the required skillsets for such a project, says Col Levander, the CEO of RecTech Solutions.

Thus a major mistake businesses make is to allocate a current employee with nominal technical knowledge, or someone from their back office team, to the job, paving the way for serious problems to emerge, he told Shortlist.

"I've seen staff leave businesses during a new software implementation out of frustration, because they're forced to wear multiple hats, and one of those hats is something they've never done before."

Timing the implementation can also cause problems, when for example it crosses over with a major recruitment campaign or staff take leave, and the main point of contact becomes stretched or unavailable.

Recruitment leaders need to be mindful of this when dealing with software vendors, who are often juggling multiple projects of their own and might have to suddenly deal with a major issue for another client – it's pertinent to ask vendors how robust their own project management process is, and about the plans in place for if their own project manager leaves.

"Project creep"

Financial costs, data transfer issues, and additional configurations that recruiters didn't originally account for can all lead to "project creep'", says Levander.

Workflows vary greatly for each business, and additional brainpower is always required to correctly match those processes in a new software configuration, he says.

Many businesses don't have the ability to convert the templates they use on a daily basis, such as terms of business, into a different language that suits a particular type of software, Levander says by way of example – he consistently finds that every company uses different language to describe staff, consultants, managers, clients, and candidates.

"All those little things add up to time and delays. It's something that does get underestimated."


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Col Levander
About the Author

Col Levander FRCSA – Founder & CEO With over 25 years’ experience in the recruitment and on-hire industry and in technology, Col is the industry professional recruitment organisations trust to find, the right solutions for their needs. Col has proven track record of reviewing, managing and implementing end-to-end resourcing for large industry projects and he has real world experience you can trust. Designing multiple enterprise software solutions for medium and large corporate recruitment businesses over the past 5 years, he’s focused on finding the right solutions for your business. Committed to reviewing new and emerging technology and an innovator himself, Col and his team are absolutely committed to their clients’ success.

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