27 Apr 2018

Closing the Gap Between IT and Business Strategy

When a business has a strong CIO or ICT Leader that is directly involved in the strategic planning, there is a greater chance of increased business and operational performance. Unfortunately, though, not all businesses have the luxury of having an IT specific function; no different to a CMO/CFO, or similar.

Considering that it is one of the most important initiatives that a business must give focus to; how do you close the gap between IT and Business Strategy?

10 Reasons You Should Partner with an IT Consultancy

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1.    Explosion of Technology 

There is a myriad of new technology in the market, and it can be very overwhelming when you are shopping around for your business needs. The truth is, you don’t know, what you don’t know!

Good IT consultancies have the knowledge, expertise, and experience in matching the needs of businesses with emerging technologies, thus gaining the most of what the market can offer.

2.    Use Your Resources Wisely

It’s not uncommon to hear of businesses opting to DIY their IT services; particularly when it comes to implementing new technologies. While that can be a great way to cut costs, it is also really important to be inward looking and ask the right questions.

It is a fact that most recruitment businesses do not have the bench skill sets to go through a technology selection and implementation project. And if it so happens that you do have specific people who happen to have the skills required, do they have the capacity to take on this extra workload? How will this affect the load of the wider team?

When implementing or changing technologies, it is also extremely important to be mindful of the change management process.

Failure to ask the right questions could cost your business.

3.    Google is Not Always Right

One of the worst, but most common, mistakes that you should keep from doing is to rely on Google. While one may think that doing a simple Google search can help you make a decision on vendors and suppliers; it’s important to note that many vendors and similar businesses pay for Google Adwords.

Anyone can pay to have their website advertised at the top of a Google search, and companies that do pay for such prominence may not be legitimate, an expert says.

Making the wrong connections is an easy way to waste your time and resources.

4.    Understanding Your Broader Technology Requirements

The detailed analysis of your technology requirements is a critical exercise that can make or break your business and IT strategy. Think - internet speed, infrastructure requirements, and communication tools.

5.    Understanding Integrations

Ask yourself: What does your technology stack look like? What about all the supplementary applications you use in the business? Will they integrate into your new systems of choice?

With the fast paced and ever-changing systems and technology; partnering with a credible IT Consultancy means that they are up to date on their knowledge and understand the intricacies of integrating new technology in relation to business performance. This includes prioritising when to perform certain tasks and who to involve.

6.    Timeline and Delivery

Unfortunately, timelines for delivery and implementation are almost always grossly underestimated.

Just as the tired old saying goes: “Rome wasn’t built in a day”; the same is true for high-performing and reliable IT systems. It takes in-depth planning, precise implementation, and ongoing maintenance.

With almost all IT projects, the devil is in the detail. Expertise and experience are critical to get it done on time and within budget.

7.    Data Migration

A common cause, for unsuccessful software implementation projects, is a failed data migration process. If done incorrectly, businesses can find themselves left with system errors on account of incompatible target systems.

The larger your data stored is; the larger are the risks involved with migration, making the process much more difficult. As such, it is important to work with a consultancy that knows how to protect your data during the what could be a very complex process.

8.    Data Sovereignty and Privacy

Understanding data sovereignty comes not just with technical, but also legal challenges.

In fact, there is no single mandate on data sovereignty requirements; each country trying to keep within the remit of their own laws.

Inaccurate understanding and the consequent mis-implementation of privacy laws, pose as a major risk to any business.

9.    Legalities and Contracts

Understanding your rights and the legalities behind cloud computing is imperative. SaaS[1] offers the benefit of having no locked in contracts and removes the need for businesses to run applications through their own data centres - and many companies are attracted to this, viewing it as true cloud computing.

However, going into the cloud also means that the risks and disadvantages increase, as your business find itself relying on third party vendors. As such, when working with third party vendors, business must ensure that SLA’s are met and enforced.

10.   Seeking Independent Advice

Many IT consultancies have reseller agreements[2] with vendors. Without clear vendor transparency, it can be difficult to know for certain which relationship they favour more, and whether the success of your business is what matters to them.

Rec Tech Solutions is an independent Technology consultancy to the Recruitment Services Industry. We support Recruitment Agencies to help them make the best, most informed decisions around operational software for front and middle office requirements.

Find out how we can partner with you to close the gap between your IT and Business Strategy with transparency and industry best practice solutions. 

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[1] SaaS | Software as a service (SaaS) is a software distribution model in which a third-party provider hosts applications and makes them available to customers over the Internet.

[2] Reseller Agreement: A software services provider (the vendor) grants to another business (the reseller) rights to enter into contracts with third parties (customers) as principal for the provision of the vendor's services to those third parties.

Col Levander
About the Author

Col Levander FRCSA – Founder & CEO With over 25 years’ experience in the recruitment and on-hire industry and in technology, Col is the industry professional recruitment organisations trust to find, the right solutions for their needs. Col has proven track record of reviewing, managing and implementing end-to-end resourcing for large industry projects and he has real world experience you can trust. Designing multiple enterprise software solutions for medium and large corporate recruitment businesses over the past 5 years, he’s focused on finding the right solutions for your business. Committed to reviewing new and emerging technology and an innovator himself, Col and his team are absolutely committed to their clients’ success.

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