24 Jan 2018

AI tools and chatbots slashing recruiters' admin hours

Stella Gray - Shortlist

Artificial intelligence tools, video and chatbots have the potential to save recruitment teams thousands of hours of labour this year, while online recruitment training is also set to boom, says a technology advisor.

Recruitment technology is "proliferating", with significant investment going into automating and improving "everything from filtering, pre-screening and enhancing the candidate experience", says Col Levander, the CEO of RecTech Solutions.

Levander has observed a number of Australian and New Zealand companies producing chatbot technology, which "will arguably remove some huge administrative tasks for recruiters", he told Shortlist.

These tasks include determining a candidate's availability via automated communications, or sourcing information missing from applications.

Chatbots, such as those provided by Smart AI, can now make contact with candidates via messaging apps to initiate a conversation, with the information provided fed straight into a recruitment system, Levander says. Recruiters will be able to set up chatbots to reach out to previous candidates on their database, check in to see where they're at, and update personal details as required.

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Col Levander
About the Author

Col Levander FRCSA – Founder & CEO With over 25 years’ experience in the recruitment and on-hire industry and in technology, Col is the industry professional recruitment organisations trust to find, the right solutions for their needs. Col has proven track record of reviewing, managing and implementing end-to-end resourcing for large industry projects and he has real world experience you can trust. Designing multiple enterprise software solutions for medium and large corporate recruitment businesses over the past 5 years, he’s focused on finding the right solutions for your business. Committed to reviewing new and emerging technology and an innovator himself, Col and his team are absolutely committed to their clients’ success.

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