12 Jan 2018

Implementation issues derailing recruitment tech ROI

Stella Gray - Shortlist

Exciting advances in recruitment technology are proving to be a double-edged sword, an industry advisor says in pointing out the biggest implementation issues and risks.

Most talent acquisition teams don't have project...

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19 Dec 2017

Top five recruitment technologies to watch in 2018!

As an independent advisory to the Recruitment Industry in the Asia Pacific region, Rec Tech Solutions are in the fortunate position to review the new and emerging technology in the Recruitment Tech space. Software companies approach us regularly...

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12 Dec 2017

Your APAC Recruitment Event Calendar for 2018

Keep your skills fresh and your workplace inspired! 2018 is nearly here and we want YOU to be working at your optimal levels and recruiting your lil' buns off. Hence, we have chosen the best events organised for you, our APAC audience to...

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05 Dec 2017

Common project failures on recruitment systems change-out and how to prevent them

You may have been involved with or heard about recruitment systems that are, shall we say, less than perfect? If so, you are not alone. In fact, studies show that somewhere between 50 and 75 percent of IT and systems change-out projects are...

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30 Nov 2017

Bitcoin in the news... but have you thought about the impacts of the Blockchain on the Recruitment Industry?

Of all the emerging technologies, the blockchain is probably the least exciting as a new technology, but it has the potential to have the most impact and be the most disruptive on our society. 

When you think of blockchain, you might think of the...

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06 Nov 2017
09 Oct 2017

How to improve Strategic Alignment in IT Projects

Welcome to the third article in our technology Adoption Series! In our previous articles we touched on the high rates of disappointment encountered during IT and systems projects. Reviewing project failure statitistics provides insight into the...

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18 Sep 2017
11 Sep 2017

Recruitment Systems Implementation: How a clear "Why?" can maximise your success with IT and System Projects.


Welcome to Part two of the Rec Tech Solutions: Technology Adoption Series!

Successful projects depend on strong preparation and a clear ‘Why?’ Especially when you are working in a small or medium business. 

As highlighted in our first article,...

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23 Aug 2017
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